Summer Moon

He holds her like the summer moon She’s large and bright, taking up the whole sky Moonlight streaming between his fingers and running off into the humid night. He’ll laugh and tell you, you know, you can’t hold the moon… but we all know she needs a place to call home


Ocean Heart

There is something magical about the space where ocean meets rock. Both formidable forces going head to head in an act of natural beauty, destruction & creation.  The intersection marked by a spray of crashing waves or worn down edges of stone. How often I’ve tried to make myself more rock-like: unbreakable, unyielding, uncowed. Standing…

Night Bird Flight

That glittering, velvet sky topped with a disco moon sings a siren song tonight. Awakening the wild one Long sleeping in all our hearts. That lunar bass line hooks around our hips, spinning the freedom from our souls, and we cannot deny this time the call to flight. (photo by @kathytranx ) #deepellum #dallas #poetry…

Cooking with Spice Madam

Need more Cookie cooking videos in your life?

So..I’m back to making cooking videos! I’ll be making videos for my startup, Spice Madam – a spice box subscription service. This time I’ve got an awesome co-host and someone else holding a much nicer video camera (instead of taping it to my cabinets…), so hopefully it’s a lot better quality for you guys. HA! Maybe we’ll even…

Spice Madam Morocco Kit

Welcome to Spice Madam

Hello long time Cookie Loves readers! You’ve been cooking and eating along with me for years and I’ve so appreciated your audience to my cooking shenanigans. 🙂 It’s been quiet on here the past few months as I’ve been working on a project that’s really special to me and now I’m ready to let you… | Lamb Braised Soup au Pistou

Braised Lamb Soupe au Pistou

I hosted a dinner recently and wanted to take my guests to the south of France with the meal. My research lead me to a quintessential Provencal dish called Soupe au Pistou. At it’s simplest, it is a hearty vegetable soup topped with Pistou, which is very similar to pesto, only without the nuts and…

Hainanese Poached Chicken & Rice |

Hainanese Poached Chicken & Rice

This dish is all about the unadorned, un-adulterated taste of great chicken, so it’s very important to pick a high quality, preferably free-range chicken. Free range chicken meat tends to be a bit firmer and leaner than the regular chickens you get at your grocery store, and this is what you are looking for in…