pesto chicken primavera

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so easy, healthy, and delicious! took me all of about 20 min to make this while on the phone giving tech advice to a friend.


3 chicken breasts cut up in chunks

pesto (premade or make your own if you are gangsta)

frozen cut broccoli

carrots cut up

minced garlic

olive oil

garlic salt

black pepper

1. place chicken in a bowl and add 3 TB pesto, generous dashing of garlic salt, and toss to coat

2. heat up about 1 TB olive oil in large pan, and add garlic to brown

3. once garlic brown, add chicken and cook, tossing/stirring frequently about 10 min till almost all cooked

4. add carrots around 5 min mark and cover with lid.

5. and broccoli and another 1.5 TB pesto. cover & cook another 5 min til veggies are thawed and just tender. dash some black pepper around and maybe more garlic salt as needed.

i served this on some plain garlic couscous and romaine salad.

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