Pho Ga

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amazingly enough, i saw that SteamyKitchen had posted about Pho Ga yesterday when I had also been craving the dish and made it a few days ago. I’d never made Pho Ga before so I found this recipe on Viet World Kitchen and followed it. After the simmering, I still felt like it didn’t have enough flavor so i added a few dried chili peppers, a handful of anise seeds, some dried onions sauteed quickly in olive oil and some chicken broth (oooh..i cheated!). I also ended up throwing in another whole chicken (which i got for $2.21 at Fiesta!) so i could have enough grubs for my friend who i figured would be ravenous after a night of dancing when we would end up at my place for the normal detox-before-driving-home stop.

The flavor ended up quite awesome, if a lil different from the traditional pho ga. I think I prefer the pho bo (beef pho), and so the lighter taste of pho ga is never quite as satisfying to me. This variation gives a lil more kick to the chicken flavors!