Shrimp Two-Ways

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My friend C, who is the best MacGyver style cook I know, was making shrimp two different ways yesterday: Coconut fried shrimp and a grilled shrimp with my honey-lime-garlic marinade. The result was two contrasting and complementary flavors that i couldn’t stop popping in my mouth! mmmmm!

Here are some recipes for you:

Mango heaven sauce
1 can mango nectar
5 TB honey
1 TB honey mustard

– reduce mango nectar and honey til slightly thickened (took me about 20 min) and pour over top of mustard and mix.
it’s the perfect sauce for coconut shrimp. very sweet and should have a jam like consistency.

Honey lime garlic chili shrimp
– 1/2 cup honey
– 1 cup lime
– 3 TB minced garlic
– couple dashes of pepper
– chili powder
– salt
– olive oil

-combine honey, lime, garlic, pepper in bowl
– brush oil over boiled, peeled shrimp (boiling keeps shrimp from getting gray and rubbery on grill according to C)
– sprinkle with salt and generously sprinkle both sides with chili powder
– baste with honey,lime,garlic sauce before and while grilling

the two types of shrimp — sweet and salty — next to each other make for a delightfully mouthwatering combo!