Carmelized Saffron & Lemon Grass Chicken …(and spicy roasted potatoes too)

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The other day was the first truly cold day we’d had yet here in texas. it was dreary, gray, and through the bra type of cold and all i could think was that i wanted something warm and comforting to eat when i got home. I stopped by the grocery store after to work to see what i could see and ended up lugging home two 5 lb bags of potatoes b/c they were buy 1 get 1 free, and a container of minced lemongrass, among other necessities (like a 4 pack of shiraz).

rummaging around in my pantry for something to bring a different kick to the lemongrass caramelized chicken my mother would often make, i found the last of a container of saffron i’d bought for making paella a whiile back and decided that could work well with the lemongrass & sweetness.

You guys may notice i have been doing a lot of caramelized dishes. in vietnamese, this method of cooking is called “kho”, and you use it to add great sweetness next to savory and color to meats. definitely top on my list of comfort food indicators.

first things first, I chopped up 4 potatoes and tossed them with olive oil, cumin, chili power, dried basil and dried minced onions. Popped those babies in the oven to bake for 30-45 min while i got my chicken dish in line.

– 3 lbs chicken breast/tenders chopped into chunks
– about 1/2 a squeezy tube of minced lemon grass ( you can chop your own too, but it’s a pain in the ass)
– generous garlic salt
– pinch of saffron leaves (could have added more too)
– 8oz mushrooms sliced
– 1 yellow onion sliced

1. marinate the chopped chicken in the lemongrass and garlic salt for about 10 min.
2. soak the saffron in some water to bring out the beautiful golden color.
3. pour all the saffron and saffron water over the chicken, stir and marinate a lil more as you do the next step.
4. heat about 3/4 cup sugar in a non stick pan. drizzle 1 TB olive oil on top.
5. as the edges of the sugar pile turn golden , start stirring. and as the sugar turns a deep gold/brown, toss the chicken in and stir quickly to distribute the caramel. Keep tossing the chicken to get it cooked, about 10min.
6. toss in the mushrooms & onions plust more garlic salt , pepper, lemongrass ( you can never have too much lemongrass!) and cook til the onions and mushrooms are cooked through.
7. serve over white sticky rice with steamed brocolli and roasted potatoes.

pretty saffron!

chicken with lemongrass & garlic salt ready to marinate.

the finished chicken. golden, sweet, and soo aromatic with the lemongrass & saffron!

the potatoes were great too. just a slight spicy kick and the onions gave extra CRUNCH.
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