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I’ve been out of town a LOT lately. Traveling for work then off to training, then some weddings and funerals. Long story short, I’ve been gone a lot and I’ve been missing spending time with my man, so I wanted to cook him a good meal to make up for lost time.

The other week I went to N9ne steakhouse and had this AMAZING pan fried gnocchi with truffle cream sauce. Oh my god it was so perfect in texture and flavor that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ve read a lot of and remembered some lovely photos she had of some gnocchi she made, so i went there and ended up deciding to make her slow cooked salmon, with this recipe for a more traditional gnocchi and a poached pear dessert I made up.

The gnocchi was very yummy, minus the fact that i burned it. the texture was great and the citrust zest was so awesome. I just have to figure out how to fry it in the pan correctly. next time.

check out the beautiful ingredients that go into the gnocchi!

here are the cute lil gnocchis after you cut them out of the dough. so cute!

And here is the full meal: salmon sous-vide seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil served with fresh mango salsa, pan fried citrus gnocchi with a lemon cream sauce, lightly sauteed baby bok choy with garlic. YUM! i cooked the salmon for 25 minutes but I think it could have stood another 5-10 min for my taste. the salmon was so juicy!

and now for the dessert! Poached pear with whipped honey marscapone cheese and chocolate sauce! MMMMMM sooo delicious.

Here’s the recipe for this dessert:

2 ripe Pears peeled
cinnamon sticks
1/2 sweet white wine
1/2 marscapone cheese
1/4 honey
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup butter
some heavy cream

1. heat up the wine, 1/2 cup water, cinnamon stick til boiling in a small pot with jsut enough room for the 2 pears. place the peeled pears in the pot and keep at a steady heat for about 25 min. remove from heat and set aside
2. whip the marscopone cheese and honey
3. heat up the chocolate chips and butter, stirring in some cream til theright consistency — pourable, but still thick
4. place the pear on a plate with a scoop of the whipped cheese and spoon some chocolate sauce over the pear.

MMMMMMMM sooo goood.

anyway, it was a lovely meal. i enjoyed it and i think he did too 🙂

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