Summer in your mouth

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it’s summer time in dallas, and that means festivals, picnics, outdoor concerts galore. cabin fevered bodies ache to sweat it out under the texas sun while nibbling on delicious nothings washed down with chilled wine. This watermelon salad fits the bill perfectly and tastes to me like the essence of summer time. Hope you’ll enjoy it and how easy it is to make! The ingredients sound kinda strange together, but trust me, it’s a delish combo of sweet, salty, and fresh!

1/2 a seedless watermelon cubed – bite sized pieces (chilled if possible)
2 cups grapes sliced in 1/2
1/2 vidalia onion sliced thin
1 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup feta
bunch mint, basil

1. whisk vinegar & sugar in a bowl, place sliced onion in to soak — should be enough vinegar mix to cover onions
2. cut up watermelon & grapes and place in a large bowl
3. chiffonade mint and basil and add to bowl
4. drain out about 1/2 of the vinegar in the onion bowl, toss everything into big bowl and toss lightly to mix

5. add feta, and toss some more. Chill a few hours if needed, or serve!

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