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Sometimes I really just want some soup. Something filling, but not fattening. Comforting and tasty. Today i made up some soup from rummaging in my pantry/fridge and think i found something fantastic b/c it tasted great and took all of 15 min to make!


– 2 cans good chicken broth
– 1 cup frozen spinach
– 1/2 block tofu diced bite size
– 8 – 10 baby carrots diced
– 1/2 cup diced onions
– 1/4 cup diced meat (i used some brisket i cooked previously)
– 1 TB miso paste
– black pepper
– 1 egg
– chopped green onions

1. add all ingredients except egg and green onions as you chop/dice them up into a pot on stove with heat on high

2. once boiling, add egg, white only and stir around

3. to serve, ladle into bowl, top with green onions and more black pepper