Chicken Power Salad – Hold that mayo!

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Chicken salad and I do not get along. Most chicken salads are slopped onto a plate with an ice cream scoop – cold, wobbly, drowning in mayo as a few weak chunks of celery make a futile attempt to break free of the heavy, creamy deluge. BLECHH! That just sounds completely unappetizing and unhealthy to me.

However, I think we can reclaim chicken salad in a tasty and healthy way, and the following recipe will show you how! It’s a dish packed with healthy ingredients, tons of protein, and lots of tastiness!


You can definitely modify this as you wish, but I think it’s a great base recipe to start with and add variety to depending on what’s in your pantry or what strikes your fancy.


  • 1 lb Poached/Boiled/Baked chicken (I used white & dark meat)
  • 1 fistful of greenbeans
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 bunch cilantro (left over from your other 1/2 a bunch from the ceviche recipe!)
  • 1/4 cup raisins (I used golden raisins)
  • 1/4 raw almonds
  • 1 cup plain, fat free yogurt
  • 1 squeeze raw honey
  • Salt, pepper


  1. Cook the chicken in whatever method you prefer (I used chicken i had used to make broth that night) and tear or chop up into bite sized pieces and place in a large bowl
  2. While the chicken is cooking, heat up some water & salt in a pot and quickly cook the green beans
  3. Prepare a bowl of icecubes & water and place the cooked green beans in there immediately after draining so you can keep them CRISPY! (Ya’ll know how I hate soggy green beans…)
  4. Chop the green beans into bite sized pieces and toss in the bowl
  5. Boil some water to hard boil your eggs
  6. Peel and chop up the eggs & add to your bowl (Keep at least 1 yolk!)
  7. Roughly chop up the almonds & cilantro & add to the bowl
  8. Also add the raisins, yogurt, and a couple dashes of salt & pepper
  9. Now stir to combine!!
  10. If you find the yogurt is too tart, add that squeeze of honey!

This is a great dish to make to bring in for lunch at work. So good for you and very tasty with all the different textures going on! This could also work well with cranberries, cucumbers, pretty much any crispy veggie/dried fruit/nuts combo. I’m calling it the Chicken Power Salad b/c it’s great for powering my workouts!


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