Taco Taste-Off!

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(Photo Credits go to Luis Moya & Hao Nguyen. Thanks for the pics, guys!)

In every city there is usually some great late night food to found into the wee hours of the night. Pizza in Austin, cheesesteaks in Philly, kebabs in London. Neon lights beckoning to to late night revelers to offer sustenance between the booming dance floor and the  swift, heavy slumber of a soft bed.


The late night windows, stands, restaurants all offer simple, greasy, tasty food at all hours of the day.

In Dallas, Mexican style tacos are our drunk food of choice – warm corn tortillas wrapping tender meat, garnished with onion, cilantro, lime, and hand made salsa.


There are so many different options for these tacos in our city with different people pledging allegiance to their favorite places, that my roommate and I decided to host a taco taste off! We asked each person to bring their two favorite tacos from their favorite places for a blind taste test to determine the best tacos in dallas!


We had sooo many tacos to try out throughout the night. Each plate was labeled with a number and we gobbled away, marking scores from 1 (Sad Taco) – 10 (Tacotastic!) for each place. Check the awesome scoreboard:


(please excuse some of the drunk, wrong math!)

We took the average at the end of the night, and after a few tie-breaker votes, we had named a winner!

Torchy’s Tacos!!!!


The Taco King & Queen were named for bringing the winning taco and given special crowns. That I found in the closet. That very appropriately said “Mardi Gras,” since that pretty much is equivalent to Taco King & Queen!


Our other contenders were:

Fuel City

“Abierto 24” Taco Window at the A&B Fuel Town

Holy Frijoles

Taqueria La Paisanita

Taqueria El Si Hay


What a great night! Definitely going to do some more of these taste challenges!!