Heart on my sleeve…err..car door

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The other day I decided to paint a heart on my car door. It was an impulsive act in a moment of creativity that has left a more profound effect on me that I would have ever imagined possible for such a small act of creation.

My car is the Corollacoaster – my first car ever. It’s covered in nicks, scratches, yellow “racing stripes” from kissing too many parking columns (naughty car!). I don’t really care about it much as it gets me from point A to point B with minimal issues.

So, as I stood there in my garage the other day, high off the joy of designing and creating a cool piece of artwork, there was nothing there to offer resistance when I decided, “Well, that was fun! What else can I paint? How ’bout my car? YEAH!! Who cares?!”

And so, with a quick flick of the wrist, I emblazoned a bright pink heart on the passenger side of my old car. Suddenly, I fell in love with my car again. It was fun and loving and irreverant. That is more like it! I happily hopped in the Corollacoaster Love Edition and zipped around town.

It’s been a week now of driving the Lovemobile/Corollacoaster, and I’ve noticed that any time I start getting bits of road rage, I remember, “Hey, I have a heart on my car! I’m supposed to love and be happy!” And I can’t help but smile at the reminder to set the intention of love in all ways, large AND small.

I wondered too how else in my life I could create this external reminder of my internal intentions to help me when I stray off course, or when i need to make decision. I realized then that this site, this space, this mission is me putting my heart on my sleeve out there to all of you. I don’t know where it will take me yet, but I know it is already beginning to affect my life.

My parting challenge to you is this: put your heart out there, your dream, your vision. Focus not on perfection, or progress, but rather the knowledge that each small motion has the potential for immediate impact in your life and the lives of those around you. Who knows where the additive effect of all those small motions will take you? 🙂