Readying for an epic journey

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I’m T-1 days out from my first journey to Burning Man, and the excitement is just starting to peek its’ head out from under the stress of prepping for everything – getting my work teams to a point where they can run smoothly while I’m gone, getting costumes organized, getting survival gear ready, planning food. It’s been all spreadsheets, hot glue guns, check lists, guidebooks, and feathers flying in the air the past week, but now I’m starting to get my mind right for this next adventure.


For years, I’ve heard about this hippie desert sojourn/art music festival/temporary creative commune/community, and as the years passed, I met more and more people who had gone and raved about it. I noted a shared sense of creativity and open-heartedness about all these people, and felt a stronger and stronger pull to go to a place that had such an effect on so many people.

And so I’m going this year. I have no idea what to expect other than art, music, lovely people, and lots of adventure. I hope I survive the dust storms and lack of good showers. I wonder what I might learn — about life, about myself, about my nearest and dearest going with me and the new friends I know I’ll meet.

No matter what, I’m comin’ atcha with an open heart, Burning Man!  I bring to the desert my mission of  spreading love, and curiously await what adventures may unfold…

Looking forward to sharing my stories with all of you. 🙂



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