11 Week Challenge: Week 1 Results

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So the first week of my fitness challenge has completed, and I will have to admit it was not the best week ever. I worked too much, didn’t cook dinner/pack lunch as much as I’d like and definitely had a day where my dinner consisted of 4-5 glasses of wine and the remaining 1/2 of a chicken sandwich eaten off my friend’s plate. We’re all human, right? 🙂

Having said that, this challenge is not about perfection for me, but about accepting that life happens, forgiving myself, and continuing to charge forward towards the end goal of being a better version of me by the end of the 11 weeks.

Forgiving yourself sounds like the simpler more positive answer, but sometimes it’s easier to be your own worst critic. At the end of the day, I’ve learned that you just gotta hug it out with yourself so you can keep moving forward towards bigger and better! Yeah!

In the spirit of honesty & accountability, I’ll be posting my weekly summary from Lose It so you guys can see how I’m doing. Good luck on your challenges and goals in this next week!

Looks like I can work on my ratios of Fats/Carbs/Protein. I’d like to aim for more of 30% fat 30% carb 40% protein.

What kinds of diet ratios do you guys aim for?




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