11 Week Challenge: Week 2 Results

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Week 2 was DEFINITELY an improvement from last week! Colin was out of town and work was pretty intense, so I kept my meals very simple and light. I also focused on making it to workout each day of the week, knowing that my weekend with friends coming in from out of town would be too packed to get work outs in. Overall, a much better result! I increased my protein intake by 4%, decreased my carb intake by 5%, and increased my fat intake, while lowering the saturated portion by about 20 g.

You’ll notice my Saturday was out of control. My only excuse is that my amazing girlfriends took me out wedding dress shopping, including fancy brunch and lots of champagne, so I have no regrets!! YEAHH! It was so fun to try on dresses and figure out what I did and did not like; what did and did not work on me. I will admit to nearly fainting when I put on a Marchesa dress b/c it was so beautiful! Le sigh! In any case, I felt extremely lucky to have a team of lovely girlfriends/stylists to accompany me and spend the day with me. Every woman should be so lucky. 🙂

As I wind down this week and look towards the next week, I plan to work out 5 days next week and cook the following meals:

Monday – Blacked Corvina Sea Bass w Roasted Spaghetti squash & wilted spinach

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Wine Braised Beef Roast w Mashed Cauliflower

WednesdayTurkey Seekh Kebabs w Roasted Broccoli (best and easiest broccoli recipe ever!)

Thursday – leftovers/tbd

Hope you all are winding down and relaxing this Sunday and ready to attack this week! Yeah Babies!




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