11 Week Challenge: Week 3 Update

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Week 3 is chugging along. Diet & workout were strong until I hit the weekend. There seems to be a pattern emerging – I’m focused and do great during the week, but then come the weekend, and life comes up. Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, getting things done around the house. Life happens, and sometimes it takes a lot of extra will power to focus on diet and exercise. Sometimes it’s tough to determine priorities when it seems there is so much that seems important in your life, and so I find myself shifting priorities through waves during the week. Weekdays are for work and fitness; weekends are for getting shit done around the house, spending time with the people I care about, and getting in some much needed relaxation.  And I’m just dealing with me and a hubby-to-be. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for people with kids!! How do you guys do it?!

In any case, what this last week leaves me with is feeling proud of the consistent weekday workouts and determined to keep improving my diet day by day. Yesterday, I discovered the joy of making tuna salad with avocado! Mind blown!!!! How did I never think of this before? SO much healthier and tastier than using mayo or even greek yogurt. Will share recipe soon.

Good luck this week!


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