11 Week Challenge: Week 4 Update

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Week 4! Almost half way there and the numbers haven’t moved much, but I’m feeling great! This weeks workouts consisted of awesome booty shakin’ zumba, intense weight-lifting sessions, and a much-needed return to some dripping sweaty yoga. I started off the week trying out my friend Shannon’s Essence of Motion zumba class. Talk about a fun and intense cardio workout!! I really appreciated the super GIRRRL POWER she brought to the class and everyone was left smiling even if we got our butts kicked. I also got a chance to do a different kind of yoga class where there was a DJ playing music while we flowed at Yoga Sport of Dallas. I loved pushing my yoga practice to move more musically and more dance-like with some great music to set the pace. I could have wrung a bucket of sweat out of my clothing after I was done and it felt amazing! The next day, my shoulders were screaming after the million chatarungas that we did, but, as my high school swim coach would always say: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”  Get outta here, weakness!

It was pretty cool to have such a variety of workout environments in one week. Usually, I’m a gym rat in iron pumping mode by myself b/c I don’t have any girlfriends nearby that like to lift weights the way I do. It’s just me rockin’ hot pink sneaks and a “Don’t F* with me” look in a sea of bros flexing in the mirror and NEVER unracking their weights. I get to the gym; I work hard; I get out. I leave feeling like a badass!!!

Going to zumba and yoga is a completely opposite experience. It’s so open, friendly, community focused. I work just as hard, but I do it with a smile on my face the whole time. I leave feeling lighter and more connected to the world.

(Photo by Yoga Sport Dallas)

I find that I really enjoy and crave both types of workouts to satisfy different drives within me. It is the ever-shifting balance between the yin and yang within each of us. To deny either would lead to imbalance, and so I think it is good to seek out experiences that challenge each of those sides of us. What kinds of workouts do you guys find the most satisfying? Do you like to mix it up or stay more focused?

Alright, on to week 5. Looking forward to more yin & yang workouts this week. Thank goodness the Texas State Fair is over now, so I will have no further temptations for ridiculous fried foods!!

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