DIY Lace & Mesh Jewerly Holder

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Does your jewelry collection look like a tangled mess like mine did?

With a few simple supplies and about an hour or so of time, you can turn that mess into a lovely jewelry display. These jewelry displays are lined with lace to make them look pretty, but also lined with wire mesh for strength and durability. I had seen both solutions separately on other blogs, but thought combining them would  be better. 🙂


  • Empty frames (I bought some from a thrift store for a few dollars each)
  • wire mesh (I got this at Lowe’s)
  • lace
  • tiny nails/pins (I used some tiny 3/4 in brass ones I had lying around.)
  • hot glue gun
  • spray paint
  • scissors

1. Wipe off the frames and spray paint them (if you wish!)

2. Cut out the lace to the size of the frame. I just laid the lace on top of the frame and cut it out. You can be more precise if you wish, but remember you will need to stretch it tight over the frame .

3. Using hot glue, secure the lace to the back of the frame one side at a time, making sure to pull the lace taut.

4. Cut out the wire mesh to the size of the frame and also glue that to the back of the frame on top of the lace.

5. Make sure your nails are small enough that they don’t go through your frame, and nail 8 in – 1 in each corner, 1 in the middle of each side.

An alternative is you can nail them in partially, and then bend the nail. I did this by accident, but, hey! it works!

6. Add hanging hardware if needed, hang on your wall, add jewelry and enjoy your lovely new jewelry display!

If you would like to hang necklaces, just add a few more steps before you add the lace & wire mesh:


  • Eye hook screws
  • 1 pair of needle nose pliers
  • 1 pair of regular pliers

1. Using the two pliers, pull open each eye hook loop so that it makes an open hook

2. decide how far apart you want to hang necklaces and drill starter holes with a small enough bit to fit your eye hook screws. I did 1 inch apart.

3. Screw in the modified screws by hand. Make all the hooks end up facing the same way sideways to make it easier to hang your necklaces.

4. Follow steps 2-6 above to allow the display to hold both necklaces and earrings.


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