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*UPDATE* use code “cookieloves” at checkout for a 15% discount until 3/20/2013. Thanks, FlipBelt!

I recently got this new workout belt that I want to share with you guys. It is the BEST workout phone/mp3 player holder that I’ve ever used. The typical arm band ones always seem to get in my way and require me to remove my phone case to get them in. Waay too much coordination required for a klutz like myself.

Then, I saw an ad online for this workout belt called the FlipBelt. I was intrigued b/c I am a big fan of the fannypack for holding stuff while staying out of my way, but fanny packs are definitely way too bulky for the gym. So, I ordered one in hot pink and have been testing it out the past few weeks. The concept is simple – put stuff inside the belt through slits and flip it over to keep the items safely stored.

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I have to say that I really love it for the following reasons:
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Easy to get my phone in and out
  • Stays put even as I’m jumping around doing HIIT workouts or going from downward dog to plank over and over again
  • Comes in fun colors

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I even wore it out clubbing one night and it worked great! The hot pink didn’t really go with my outfit, but I was wearing a peplum top. The belt fit nicely underneath the peplum and kept my keys, credit cards, id, and phone safe while I danced the night away. I think I’m going to order one in black for going out!


In any case, if you are looking for a new way to keep the music rockin’ while you work out, I definitely recommend this belt! I ordered it in a size small. My hips are 37″ and it fits snugly. 


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