Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor 2.0

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A few months ago I started working the Mentor 2.0 program through Big Brothers Big Sisters. This program focuses on pairing a mentor with a student during high school for a long term relationship with a focus on college prep.

Having been a former mentor for the regular program, I decided to check this new style out because it looked to provide a bit more structure Β around mentoring and flexibility around schedule. So far, I have been really pleased with the program because it gives me guidelines for helping my mentee while also allowing me to participate via the email part of the program despite my very busy schedule.

Through a proprietary email system, the Mentor 2.0 coordinators give the students writing prompts to write to their mentors, and we mentors can write back. The focus of the conversations is about the students’ goals, questions on college, and other relevant topics that help a working professional like me connect to a high school student.

Once a month or so, there is an in person meeting with all mentors and mentees at the students’ school. During this meeting, there is a guided conversation on the topic at hand and time to just chat and get to know each other. It’s really interesting to hear what the kids are thinking about and feeling like you can make an impact on their lives.

I joined this program because I really believe in mentorship as a key in attaining success, and because I remember how confusing it was sometimes to be a teenager getting ready to leave the nest for the big wide world. I am hopeful that my experiences and sincere concern will help make life better for my mentee. I think the mentor 2.0 program is a really amazing tool to help make the experience much better than what I could provide on my own.

So..if you guys are looking for a cool way to give back and really make an impact in your community, I highly recommend checking out BBBS Mentor 2.0. You can go to the website to find out if they are in your city and start now! It really does not take much time out of your life at all, and has the potential to make a lot of change for good. πŸ™‚

For other volunteer options, check out my Cookie Loves Approved Volunteer Organizations page.

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