Wedding Workout Time!

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(Furiously enjoying some amazing ramen at pop-up ramen nightTen Bells Tavern)

I looked up today, and after 8+ years together, over 1 year engaged….we are suddenly just over 3 months out from our wedding. HOLY CRAP!

I’ve been steadily working on wedding stuff, but yesterday I put on The Dress, and it all clicked that this is Really Happening. WHOA!!

And so, even though I’ve been working out pretty steadily,it’s time to kick that workout into high gear. Colin and I have set up a challenge for each other: 5 workouts a week. For each successful week, we will each put $20 in a fund for fun stuff for ourselves. For each unsuccessful week we will each put that $20 in the other person’s fund. I think putting my money where my booty is will help motivate me more. Wait…that came out wrong…

In any case, I’ll be doing a mix of:

  • Heavy weight lifting
  • HIIT intervals
  • Vinyasa yoga

I usually focus a lot on lower body workouts, but now I’d like to shift focus to leaning out everything, especially the shoulders, back, abs.

As for eating:

  • Cooking at home and eating clean, unprocessed food for the weekdays
  • Going out to dinner only twice a week (preferably on the weekends)
  • Drinking only Fri-Sun   already failed that. How about 8 oz max during a weekday and whatever Fri-Sun. If I drink more than 8 oz on a weekday, I have to pay $5 into Colin’s fund.

Generally our weekday meals consist of a protein with lots of greens. Sometimes I’ll add rice or quinoa after too many complaints of “NOT ENOUGH CARBS!!!” from some of my housemates.

The hardest part of cooking for a family when you are all very busy is taking the time to do a little planning on Sunday/Monday to determine what meals you’ll cook, and then getting together a shopping list so someone else can help with shopping.

Here is our dinner meal plan for this week:

  • Mon – Slow cooker hoisin orange pork tenderloin with Garlic suateed swiss chard
  • Tues – Spicy Lemongrass chicken, shiitake, broccoli stir fry
  • Wed – (everyone on their own b/c i have a networking event)
  • Thurs – (taking my brother out for his bday)
  • Friday – (tbd)
  • Saturday – Big bad steak salad
  • Sunday – (friends are cooking!)

So for the first week, we are doing ok on the eating side. Will have to button up more next week.

Stay tuned for workout ideas, meal plans, recipes!




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