Wedding Workout: Week 2 Plan

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Ok, last week was rock solid on workouts. This week, to tighten up on diet – the HARDEST part of any fitness plan.

This weekend as I was going through our fridge and freezer I realized how much stuff had piled up from my inability to resist a good sale. 99 cents/lb on chicken thighs family pack? I’m sure I”ll need that! Buy1 get 3 free pork tenderloins? Hell yes! And so, now I’m left with a freezer so jam packed of meat that it’s a treacherous game of jenga each time I try to take something out. Toes beware of falling frozen produce!

This week’s meal plan is focused on using up what I already have from my freezer full of meat + the co-op share we just picked up this weekend.

Mon – Chicken, mushroom, Zucchini Stirfry – check here for a more disastrous stir fry video
Tues – Slow cooker beer braised pork tenderloin, roasted brussel sprouts
WedTilapia with Coconut Curry Sauce
Thurs – Steak & roasted broccoli
Fri– It’s friday, I need a drink.

I’ll be cooking enough for dinner + lunch the next day so we can make sure not to eat crap at lunch.



(Today’s healhty lunch of salsa tilapia, broccoli, and spaghetti squash)

As for workouts:

Sun – yoga warmup +  HIIT workout + 15 min abs session
MonLegs heavy lift – goal 3X10 squats at 115 lb
Tues – Yoga
WedShoulder & back heavy lift
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Yoga
Sat – HIIT in the AM before I hit the St Patty’s Day parades all day!

What are you guys cooking and working out this week? Let me know if you try one of the recipes I linked!




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