Wedding Workout Wk 3 Plan – Thoughts on Marriage

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This week is a short one on the meal plan b/c I will be flying home to see my parents this weekend. It will be the last time I see them before I get married.


It’s strange to think I’ll officially be starting my own family, taking on a new name, starting a new chapter in my life in a few short months.

I spent so much of my youth striking out for independence, adventure, discovery,growth…this all lead me to go far away from my parents’ home, going places where I knew no one and no one knew me so I could start fresh and become myself. Nowadays, I am older, not so insistently proving my independence (to the world and to myself), and I yearn for more time with my parents as they too get older.

But life happens, and we all must accept and adapt to the way the world changes and the way we too will change. I don’t know how getting married will change things, but I am ever curious to see what will transpire. I can’t imagine any drastic changes since we’ve been together for coming up on 9 years now.

How has marriage changed things for you guys?

What lessons might you impart on the as yet uninitiated?


Meal Plan:

MonSteak (pan-seared/oven finished) + sauteed balsamic brussel sprouts
Tue – Purple potato gnocchi w/ light lemon tarragon sauce, Kale Butternut Squash & Farro Salad  by Life By Appointment

WedBlackened Tilapia & Spicy Sauteed Swiss Chard/Spinach


Workout Plan:

Mon – Legs Lift
Tues – Yoga
Wed – Chest/Back Lift
Thurs – Yoga
Fri – Sun- off, but walking around a lot with parents, or try to squeeze in an HIIT workout

Good luck and have a great week!