Your Body is a Reflection of Your Life

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A few weekends ago, Colin and I were discussing fitness and where we were against our fitness goals. In the past, I’ve gone through all types of workouts and diets. Sometimes I even worked out for 3 hours a day 7 times a week. I’ve pushed, pulled, prodded my body.

Lately, my fitness focus has shifted. I do more yoga, don’t feel guilty about a missed workout, focus a lot on clean, diverse, delicious and healthy eating instead of restrictive diets. Fitness has become a natural part of my lifestyle instead of a chore I grind through.

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older, I’m less critical, more accepting, more loving towards my physical body than I was in my youth.

Then Colin said something that struck me. I’ll paraphrase: “Your body is a reflection of the life you live. I look at my life and ask if there is anything I am unhappy with right now. I honestly couldn’t find anything I wanted to change dramatically, and in turn, learned to accept my body more as a reflection of my happy life .”

This simple concept was something that had never occurred to me before. So much of the time we spend looking at our bodies and focusing on how to change them to look like this or that.


Suddenly, when you flip perspective and focus more on evaluating your life, everything changes. Everything is WAY more fun & rewarding!


In the long history of a tempestuous relationship with my own body, this conversation was like a light switch for me. As I mentioned, the past few years have brought me a lot more love and acceptance for my physical self, but I didn’t realize til right then that it was because I had slowly been shifting focus to improving my life instead of just improving my body.

My body is a reflection of the life I live. I want to live a good life and my body with reflect all that goodness. I will love my body for the miraculous machine it is and take good care of it so I can continue to live the life I want.


Just a few thoughts to share with ya’ll. Hope it can help you remember to focus on the good stuff too.







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