[The Wedding] – A Month as Mrs.

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It is a month since the day I stood with my heels sinking into the sand, knees shaking, and pledged my love and partnership to my husband forever.


Today, I remember the warmth of family and friends surrounding us, the salty breeze kissing my shoulders, the thin film of sweat on all of us as we danced the night away between touching speeches, lifted glasses, happy hugs.


I remember holding onto his hand so tightly and not being able to see anyone but him during our ceremony, singing with my dad in our father daughter dance, the way my mom looked at me when I first put on my dress, the way our families and friends embraced each other.

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I remember the way my grandfather’s stories revealed a legacy of reaching out and helping others that had passed unconsciously down through my parents to me and reflected back in the way Colin and I strive to live our lives.


In these mental snapshots of an incredible week with friends and family celebrating love, I piece together a quilt of warmth that will stay with me always.


This is the magic of love. That the more you give away, the more room there is to give and receive even more love.

“How is married life?” Everyone asks. I struggle to put into words what it feels like. It is the same in some ways, as we have been together so long and have lived together a while now. And yet, there is the slightest shift.

“It’s more..serious now.” I’ve found myself saying. There is a gravity to our union now that binds us together. We are individually spinning planets that are now in lock-step.

And that is the quiet shift from where we were before – committed to each other and in love – to where we are now – committed to each other, in love, and bound by the promise we made each other AND our family and friends. It’s a good kind of gravity. The way it sometimes feels like the covers weigh like a ton of warm kittens on Sunday morning and you almost can’t get out of bed..and you don’t really want to or have to anyway. 🙂


In the next few posts I’ll cover the not as important but still fun stuff: Wedding vendor reviews! Hoping I can help out some Puerto Rico destination brides or people travelling to PR. Stay tuned!

(All photos by 4 Walls Weddings, my truly awesome wedding photographer!)


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