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A few months ago, I was picking up my veggie co-op bundle at Urban Acres, and, as is common, there was a local vendor, Val, giving out samples at the store. Of course I had to have a bite and was instantly won over by this amazing lemon poppyseed pound cake and placed an order on the spot. I’m not that often left swooning over a cake, but let me tell you, this baby made me want to cry it was so good!

I picked up the cake at his baking location at the 140 year old church in One Arts Plaza, and, of course, started asking questions about his business. We chatted some about how cheesecakes are his passion and he and his partner Chris are  doing all this on the side of their “normal” jobs (Civil Engineering & Mortgage Services), and I mentioned that I should do an article on them on my blog.

Val's Cheesecakes

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Fast forward a few months, and Val and I get in touch again, and this time he’s got a new product for me to try: Cheesecake balls. What? You heard that right. Perfectly bite-sized portions of his delectable cheesecake in a variety of flavors. Move over cake balls, because the new hotness is here!

Val's Cheesecake Balls

I went to see Chris & Val at their church kitchen again to have a little interview and pick up my cheesecake balls. As the guys told me their story, I was truly amazed at how their idea and passion had so quickly grown into a very successful business in just ONE year! Val’s Cheesecakes currently has an enviable list of places that sell their goodies: Cedar’s Social,  Opening Bell Coffee, Artizone .

Each week, after a full day of work at their respective day jobs, Val & Chris roll up their sleeves and bake 15-20 cheesecakes, plus a handful of other brownies, cookies, and a sweet potato pie. This side hustle is an act of love inspired by Val’s mom who loved Val’s cheesecakes.

It is this love that you immediately taste and feel when you take a bite of one of their goodies. First, it is the familiar soft cool texture of creamy, firm cheesecake, but then there is the unexpected twist of unique flavor combos that have been carefully considered and lovingly infused into each bite – pecan latte’, coconut ginger, nutter butter, and more. The cheesecake balls contain both the cheesecake, filling, and crust to give you a perfect single bite of heaven.

Check out some interview highlights below, and check out their website to order all their treats online! Their cheesecakes & cheesecake balls are a perfect sweet treat for a special occasion or any day you want to treat yourself. (Artizone will also deliver you just a slice!) They’ve even started making some really inventive savory cheesecakes, like a smoked salmon cheesecake that would work really well as a unique party appetizer to delight your guests.


How did you get started and why?

We attended a lot of dinner parties & potlucks and found ourselves bringing cheesecakes that got rave reviews, so we decided to go for it. Cheesecakes were also Val’s mom’s favorite thing that he made for her.

What is your dream for your company?

A quaint destination cheesecake shop with it’s own kitchen and a display area for our cakes where people can eat cheesecake handmade with love. To become Dallas’ premier online cheesecake boutique.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned in starting your own business?

To not take it personally if someone doesn’t like something you’ve done with your business. But also to  stick with the essence of what you love, because if it won’t work for you, it won’t work for your customers.


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Val's Cheesecake Balls

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