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Hello long time Cookie Loves readers!

You’ve been cooking and eating along with me for years and I’ve so appreciated your audience to my cooking shenanigans. 🙂 It’s been quiet on here the past few months as I’ve been working on a project that’s really special to me and now I’m ready to let you guys in on it!

I’m starting a business because I want to make it easier for you to try out recipes from around the world without the difficulty of researching and hunting down exotic spices.

Spice Madam will deliver curated spice kits from different countries directly to your kitchen every month. Each month’s box will contain spices, recipes, and spice education from a different place, so that you can easily learn and try out new flavors in your kitchen!

Spice Madam Morocco Kit

Spice Madam Morocco Kit

My partner and I put together this video to tell you a little more about our story and how we came up with this idea. Check it out!

As you guys have known and seen here on Cookie Loves, I have a deep passion for cooking and bringing people together. This is my way of making it easier to share my passion and help more people spend quality time together over some delicious foods. The recipes you get will be researched and developed by me and my partner, who is an equally passionate cook. We want to bring you guys along on a flavor journey around the world!

I hope you guys will take a chance to check out the site and if you want to sign up for a subscription, please use the code COOKIELOVES to get a 5% discount on anything your order. Thank you, again, for all your support and cooking along with me. Hope you will join me on this new journey!


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