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CookieMy name is Kim, but lots of people call me “Cookie.” I picked up this name sometime in highschool from a dear friend b/c I was always making cookies for people. Back then, I stuck to “making” cookies from Pillsbury cookie dough and Ducan Hines boxes, while my mother did all the cooking for our family.

Even though she worked full time, my mom always made sure we all sat down together as a family for dinner each day. I am really not sure how she did it, but I’m certain it was a core part of developing my own love for eating and cooking. I was always last at the table, fully enjoying every bite, flavor, taste as my loving mother watched happily. I am so thankful that she instilled in me the importance of a good meal.

Once I left home for college, I had to start learning to cook on my own. I’d lug grocery bags home through the Boston snow in my backpack and attempt to cobble together some meal for myself & my friends with the mismatched, well-used implements of our college dorm kitchen. Sometimes my roommates and I would pull out all the stops to host a friend’s family guest. Other times, we’d huddle over my worn (and still in use!) rice cooker, munching away at rice and soy sauce b/c we were too busy with studies, or just too lazy, to go out to find food.

After college, I moved to Dallas, TX for a job. I knew no one there, but was ready for adventure! With the little bit of money I had from my first real job, I hopped over to Good Will and bought some simple furniture for my first apartment. I remember thinking to myself as I eyed a dining table set complete with leaf for $75, “I don’t know anyone yet, but I know that I WILL be cooking meals and I WILL be hosting dinners in my home!” So with that thought in mind, I proudly lugged home the second hand furniture and began building a new life for myself in this new city.

As soon as I could, I started hosting pot luck dinners. My new found friends and I would meet at my place, being one of the few with an actual dining table, and we’d try out our new wings in the kitchen. Sometimes we were inspired, other times, not so much, but the core of what we were building in those days was the warmth and love present in a simple meal shared with friends.

Today, I’ve definitely grown and stretched those cooking wings a lot since my days in college. There is still nothing that fills me with more joy than to cook a great meal and share it with my friends. My cooking philosphy is this:

There is no simpler way to express Love than through a good meal.

This blog is the chronicle of my adventures with food — inside and outside of the kitchen. I hope you will enjoy coming along with me to celebrate the joy of eating and cooking well. Be prepared to eat well, to spill & break things, to laugh, and to have a great time!


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