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Just a Song

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That insistent strumming presses beneath the surface of his melancholy voice, Calling forth the stories we’d long forgotten, as we moved forward. But something inside our bodies remembers That tune, that voice, That universal longing. His song reaches back through the veils of time And pulls forward the tapestry of… Read more »

Summer Moon

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He holds her like the summer moon She’s large and bright, taking up the whole sky Moonlight streaming between his fingers and running off into the humid night. He’ll laugh and tell you, you know, you can’t hold the moon… but we all know she needs a place to call… Read more »

Thoughts after reading “In Altre Parole/In Other Words” by Jhumpa Lahiri

I first came across a beautiful excerpt of the book published in the New Yorker.  I didn’t notice who had written the essay, but the writing pulled at my memory & sense of romance in a way that stayed with me. Then recently, the essay came back across my view via post by… Read more »

Ocean Heart

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There is something magical about the space where ocean meets rock. Both formidable forces going head to head in an act of natural beauty, destruction & creation.  The intersection marked by a spray of crashing waves or worn down edges of stone. How often I’ve tried to make myself more… Read more »

Night Bird Flight

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That glittering, velvet sky topped with a disco moon sings a siren song tonight. Awakening the wild one Long sleeping in all our hearts. That lunar bass line hooks around our hips, spinning the freedom from our souls, and we cannot deny this time the call to flight. (photo by… Read more »

Need more Cookie cooking videos in your life?

Cooking with Spice Madam

So..I’m back to making cooking videos! I’ll be making videos for my startup, Spice Madam – a spice box subscription service. This time I’ve got an awesome co-host and someone else holding a much nicer video camera (instead of taping it to my cabinets…), so hopefully it’s a lot better quality for you… Read more »