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Bún Suông – Vietnamese Annatto Pork & Shrimp Sausage Noodle Soup

My husband came home from a work trip and told me about a Vietnamese soup he had tried while on the road and really liked: Bun Suong. I had never heard of it before so I quickly became obsessed with figuring out what it was and how to make it…. Read more »

Vietnamese Spicy Lemongrass Hot Pot

Hotpot is an awesome meal for entertaining because your guests do all the cooking, it’s very flexible as far as ingredients, and it’s a fun interactive, messy experience for all! The only hard part that you as the host/hostess have to take care of is making a bangin’ broth for… Read more »

Cookie On the Road Series: Simplified Vietnamese Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup

I’m currently travelling every week for work and the constant eating out is killing me! This week I came armed with a few supplies and the determination to  cook some Healthy, Hot & Delicious meals while on the road! Follow along if you dare brave this unknown world… First, you… Read more »

Beef Sessions: Journey Through Vietnam – Bo Luc Lac Recipe

For my final Beef Sessions dinner, after starting in Vietnam, heading through Irish-America, with a stop over in Cajun country, and hopping across the Atlantic to visit France,  I thought it only appropriate that I take the journey full circle back to Vietnam for a blow out on my motherland’s… Read more »

Beef Sessions #1: Bun Bo Hue – Vietnamese Spicy Beef & Pork Lemongrass Soup

Most of you are familiar with Pho as a delicious, meaty, brothy Vietnamese dish that you can find at pretty much every Vietnamese restaurant in America, and on every street corner in Vietnam. But have you heard of Bun Bo Hue? It’s another big bowl Vietnamese soup, but this time… Read more »

Cha Ca Thanh Long – Hanoi Style Broiled Fish with Tumeric & Dill

This tasty dish is something that I had never heard of while growing up b/c it is a Vietnamese dish from the northern part of the country, and my parents are from the central and southern parts of Vietnam. Quick history lesson – Vietnam has been a land of occupation… Read more »