Cookie Love Monster

Why Love?

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My friend Jason showed me a  video on TED talks that really inspired me and made me think. The video addressed inspirational leaders and what makes them different. The quick summary of this talk is that the truly great leaders always start at WHY they do whatever they do, and expand from there.  If you have time, definitely watch it!

So, I thought to myself, WHY do you do all the things you do, Cookie?  I started listing out all the things I’ve spent my time on — cooking, hosting parties, planning travel adventures, putting together my first home, mentoring younger kids, hosting speed-dating events….Why do I do all these things? Why do I find them valuable?

The answer that was flashing brightly before my mind’s eye was…

To spread love.

Wow, mind, you sure are cheesy. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it was. Thanks to my parents who have raised me in this land of opportunity, and to all the people who have crossed my path and treated me with love and caring, I have reached a point in my life these past few years where I have built up this incredible capacity to love. My cup runneth over and keeps running over!!

To me, love is the open, generous, un-expectant giving of oneself. It is the opposite of fear. Love always looks forward and believes the best is possible. I find myself leading with love in my life, and this journey keeps bringing me more love to share.

And so, Cookie Loves was born. A place for me to let you know about all the big and small ways that I am working on my life’s mission: to spread love to all of you, so that, together, we can make more love for the world around us!

Cookie Love Monster

(My Love Monster costume for a Lady Gaga concert!) 

If you feel like you need some extra love to make it through your day, you can always contact me at cookielovesmail (at) gmail or leave a comment on a post!



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