Cookie Loves Approved Volunteer Organizations/Places to Donate Your $

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Are you looking for somewhere to volunteer or donate your $ & time and REALLY make an impact? The following list of organizations/projects are ones I’ve researched and/or worked with. I truly believe in helping others in whatever way is most impactful. Sometimes that means devoting your time to mentor a child. Sometimes that means you want to donate money b/c you don’t have time to spare. Sometimes, you just want to help spread the love about a cool organization. No matter what way you choose, you are helping someone out. So check out this list and see what inspires you:

  • Donors Choose – a site to directly contribute to a classroom – check out the Cookie Loves giving page for some projects to support! I love the fact that I can very directly help out teachers and students in need. I love seeing what the students are working on, and it excites me to see the passion of their teachers.
  • The Bridge/StewPot – There is nothing more satisfying to me than serving a good meal to someone. Here you can help out with meal services for Dallas homeless 3 times a day/7 times a week. Click HEREto sign up for shift.
  • Mentor 2.0  -Technology aided, college focused mentoring program for high school students. Perfect for busy professionals to make a great impact.
  • Reading Partners – Excellently structured reading tutoring program. Gives great guidance to tutors to help students struggling with reading. Only takes 1 hour a week! Love this program. 🙂

Check back for more ways to give love later, as I will continue to add more good stuff to this page!